24 Jun

What i’m going to share with you is a true story. I was left with
N1000 in my wallet, then i sat down to think on how i can
multiply it because that was the
only money that i had. Two
things came into my mind ie
[ investing and football betting]. I
wanted to invest it because i
think i may lose the money if i
use it on football betting. But
when i was searching for and
exchanger that i can use to fund
my liberty reserve account. I find
out that it would take upto
2daysbefore my account could
be funded. I didn’t want any
delay because i hate delay so
much in my life. Then i
remember what one of my
online friend YOUNGZEDD from
waploaded.comtold me. He
say’s”Samuel one of the easy and
fastest way to make money
online is by football betting”. So i
decided to try football betting. I
went to one football site that i
was refer to by my friend at
school and register with them.
To cut the story short. I funded
my account with 1k and went i
login to the site my account was
credited with $6.64. I place the
first bet which was the match
between spain & croatia. I stake
the $6.64 for spain to win the
match with 2.16 odd. And after
spain win the match my acount
was credited $13.46. The next
day i back three team to win
around 80mins of the match and
the odd increase to 12.66 then i
stake $13. I was praying God
please help me won the bets and
fortunate for me i won the bets
and my account was credited
with $150. So i decided to
withdraw $140 and remain $10
to continue with. I believe you
too can make it. Don’t forget to
put 23100 as the refferal code.
Goto http://
and register. Fund your account
and bets wisely. I wish you
goodluck. For more help add me
on 2go with {samexy2}


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